The Reporting Structure Dilemma


One of the most common dilemmas while creating a Product Marketing (PMM) team is which reporting structure should the team fall under. Since the team does a lot of outbound communication, it makes sense for the team to report to the Marketing organization. On the other hand, it is tied at the hip with the Product team and cutting this tie might just alienate the entire team from the Product org. Hence, the dilemma…

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5 Most Common Pitfalls Of Product Marketing

As a Product Marketing professional, if you feel like you are doing a lot but not seeing results, it might be due to a pitfall that you are stuck in. It is important to be aware of the pitfalls so that you get out of one that you are stuck in or think ahead and avoid them entirely.

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GTM Checklist

In a Product Marketing Manager’s life, go-to-market activities for a new product is something that comes along very often. Based on your style, your company needs, particular product to be launched etc. the strategy to launch the product might change. But having a checklist of the GTM activities and tracking it is extremely important. It is even more important to play the role of a Project Manager and orchestrate the release for the maximum impact. To do this, it works to share the overall plan beforehand with all the stakeholders and then follow it up closely with weekly updates to all.

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Battle Cards

Something that I found very useful are Battle Cards for sales teams. Battle Cards provides handy information that a sales team can use against competition when talking to clients. These are slightly larger than flash cards, but still up to just 1 page long that can be pinned up on the desk or taken along.

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First Contact With Product Marketing


Defining Product Marketing is like trying to come up with the perfect recipe for Pancakes. Everybody has an opinion of how it should be made, what goes better with the pancake – chocolate or banana, how  much sugar should be in it etc. End of the day, the perfect pancake is what you believe you like best and this will vary from person to person. Similarly, Product Marketing also varies with people’s opinion, your boss’s experiences, organizational needs and finally your strengths. Now, if you add a startup to this mix, the definition of what a Product Marketing Manager should do can get as complex as trying to describe a color.

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