What’s in a name? The 5 Unsung Challenges of Product Naming

Product Naming

When it comes to naming products, you can find a ton of useful blogs on how to come up with catchy and memorable product names that are creative and unique. But as a Product Marketing Manager, there are other tasks that take place behind the scenes to find the right product name. This blog is dedicated to those challenges that are rarely mentioned, but are critical to the product naming activity.

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Product Handouts 101

Product Handout Image

Product handouts are useful tools to leave behind with clients or distribute at events or to be sent as a pdf to prospective customers. Typically, in most companies, the marketing team will have a designer to create the design elements and the Product Marketing Manager will be expected to provide content for the handout. Assuming this is the case, the below blog covers some of the tips to creating a handout, while I have not focused on the design elements of the handout.

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Do’s & Don’ts Of A Product Blog


Blogs on personal experiences or interests are fairly easy to write since your audience is reading the blogs to know your opinions. A product blog on the other hand is very different. Here, you want to tell your readers what they want to know and not just the feature benefits of your product. For example, this blog series is about my experiences in Product Marketing and I can state my opinions in the ways that I want to. However, if this were a product blog, I would have to first understand what the readers would want to read and then see how I can subtly market my product without it being an “in-your-face” marketing pitch.