“Casually” Looking At The “Core” Of The Game World


Ok, I admit that the title might be a bit tacky, but the words casual and mid-core have become synonymous with today’s gaming world and game apps. Depending on who is looking at it, everyone has their own definition of the verticals. Adding to that clutter, is my own outlook of these verticals, but more from the traits of a gamer rather than just definitions.

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Papers, Please – Glory to Arstotzka

Papers Please

At a time when games with pet animals and farming, bejeweled like jewel crushing, war strategies and mafia etc. are making the rounds, Papers, Please is like a breath of fresh air. Having played Papers, Please constantly, until the obscure names of the various fictitious places have been written to memory, I wanted to cover the top 3 things I liked about the game and the top 3 places of improvement.

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Bugs or Bugs By Design


Due to curiosity, the viral nature or just peer pressure, I have recently begun playing Candy Crush saga incessantly. Blame it on the engineer in me, but I immediately began looking for hacks, cheats and easier ways through the game.  Having found a couple of hacks in Candy Crush, I was initially thrilled, but then it made me wonder whether these were really bugs or were they bugs by design?

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