Hey, Must Be The Money!

To get an idea of where the industry is moving towards, usually we look at large companies that are not only influencers but also pave the way to the future. However, another way to look at it would be to look at where the saplings are and determine the direction in which the forest could expand. What I mean is, if we look at the companies that are getting funded today and the direction in which these companies are growing, this might give an indication of what the future holds in store for us.

The below infographic shows some of the highlights of the research data. Click on the image to see a larger view.


Top Funded Companies - Infographic

The above infographic was created from data on VC funding of B2C companies (non-gaming) that mainly got their funding in 2013. I have looked at a total of 50 companies with a total funding amount of almost $2.2 Billion and done some quick analysis on this data. Below is the full list of companies and data from which you can draw further conclusions.

Important Disclaimer:

I must mention that large companies indeed tend to have a large impact on where the future is headed towards. This analysis ignores the giants in the spaces and only looks at the recently funded small startups. Also, there are definitely a lot more companies out there that have got funded in the recent past that might not be included in this list. This is by no means an exhaustive list nor does it give a true indication of the market by analyzing existing players, revenue numbers and future revenue extrapolation etc. I have also left out the big industry of mobile gaming in this research as I have given them a bit too much importance already (kidding). This is just a quick fun look at how the penny rolled in the last few years.

List of Top Funded companies until 2013

Company Vertical Funding Region
ZipCar Travel $500,000,000 USA
Uber Travel $258,000,000 Global
Zulily Commerce $243,000,000 USA
Shoprunner Commerce $206,000,000 USA
Fab Commerce $150,000,000 USA, Eu
Lyft Travel $82,000,000 USA
Dafiti Commerce $70,000,000 Latin America
Mobli Photo & Video $60,000,000 Global
Snapchat Social $60,000,000 Global
Eventbrite Entertainment $60,000,000 Global (select markets)
FourSquare Social $50,000,000 Global
Linio Commerce $50,000,000 Latin America
Hailo Travel $50,000,000 Global
Zoosk Social $30,000,000 Global
Relayrides Travel $30,000,000 USA
Clinkle Finance $25,000,000 USA
Skout Social $22,000,000 Global
Getaround Travel $19,000,000 USA
MyFitnessPal Health & Fitness $18,000,000 Global
Poshmark Commerce $15,500,000 USA
Magisto Photo & Video $13,000,000 Global
LeCab Travel $11,000,000 France only
Scanadu Health & Fitness $10,500,000 USA
DeviantArt Social $10,000,000 Global
DoubleDutch Social $10,000,000 Global (select markets)
Telly Photo & Video $10,000,000 Global
The Football App Entertainment $10,000,000 Global
TradeHero Finance $10,000,000 Singapore
Life360 Social $10,000,000 Global
India Property Online Real estate $10,000,000 India
Pulse News $9,000,000 Global
Munchery Commerce $8,000,000 USA
Applauze Entertainment $7,200,000 USA & Canada
Flint Payments $6,000,000 USA
Frankly Social $6,000,000 Global
News Republic News $6,000,000 Global
Shopmium Commerce $5,600,000 Global
Frank & Oak Commerce $5,000,000 USA
Busuu Education $4,700,000 Global
Songza Entertainment $4,700,000 Global
Parking Panda Travel $4,000,000 USA
Ticketea Entertainment $4,000,000 Latin America
La Nevera Roja (The Red Fridge) Commerce $3,400,000 Spain
Edjing Entertainment $2,500,000 Global
DoorDash Commerce $2,400,000 USA
Quarterly.co Commerce $2,000,000 USA
Oneclass Education $1,600,000 USA
Qloo Entertainment $1,600,000 USA
Ruffl Entertainment $1,600,000 London
BlockAvenue Social $1,000,000 USA

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